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Meet Our Team: Jen, Portland

Written & Photographed by Amy Hjorth, Buffalo Exchange Portland (Downtown)

Portland Style

Meet Jen, a downtown Portland Buffalo Exchange employee whose style and love of all types of fashion, is more than apparent.  This mom-to-be describes her style as, “eclectic and fun.  I have a ton of trendy, vintage and silly pieces, and just mix them altogether to create my own personal style.” Jen embraces Portland style by taking inspiration from the people on the streets, rather than magazines and online; “While those are all great resources, those popular in-the-moment trends tend to be seen over and over again, but people in Portland have such greats ideas and ways to make those trends their own.”  That’s why working and shopping with Buffalo is a great place to find new trends that suite your personal taste. “I love to play around with customers in the dressing room.  It’s like playing dress up in a huge closet that is always changing.”

Portland Style

Jen picked one of her favorite trends for the season, floral, to show her own spin on.  “I wanted to show floral in two ways, soft and feminine, then hard and edgy.”

Portland Style

Jen never ceases to amaze fellow employees of her sense of style; she always has great innovative ways to make old pieces new.  “I like to pick out one piece that inspires me that day, and then try new things with it.  I do have great go to pieces, like basic tees, but I always find something new and different to wear with it.”  Her most recent purchase, this 1960’s vintage floral dress, was a piece she couldn’t wait to pair with a leather jacket and moto inspired leggings. “I love finding soft pieces that you can make instantly edgy with a leather jacket.  A leather jacket is a must have staple for everyone, as you can throw it on and instantly complete an outfit.”  A great, and might I say more bold, alternative for a leather is a sequined jacket.  Jen has quite a collection, and they always add just the right amount of pizzazz.

Portland StylePortland Style

Jen has worked at Buffalo Exchange for close to two years, and much like avid shoppers and employees alike, she has found her favorite staples and stand out pieces that take over her closet.

Portland Style

“My favorite find was this pair of Dansko booties that I found at the Tempe Buffalo Exchange while at a company meeting.” Paired with chunky handmade socks and a feminine floral dress make these booties her own. Trends are a great guideline to style “they are more fun when not everyone is wearing them.”

Portland StylePortland StylePortland Style