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Meet Our Team: Diana Manriquez

Buffalo Exchange Berkeley meet our team diana

By Buffalo Exchange Berkeley

I started working for Buffalo Exchange in August of 2015, as my sophomore year of college finally came to an end. I didn’t know what was in store for me, but I was excited to enter this extremely fashion-forward world. I slowly started to develop knowledge about clothing as I was exposed to all kinds of brands, materials, and qualities. As I’ve developed as a buyer I’ve started to discover my own sense of style.

Buffalo Exchange Berkeley  Meet Our Team Diana Manriquez 1

Every day I meet so many extraordinary sellers, all with amazing clothing. The diversity here is vast. People come from all over the world to visit Berkeley. You’d be surprised at the amount of people that shop at Buffalo Exchange for the first time every day and the amount of regular shoppers we’ve come to be familiar with.

When it comes to working at Buffalo Exchange, I believe the glass is always half full. Every day is a new learning experience as trends fluctuate over time and emerge constantly. Being at the buy counter has taught me about the different customers out there and what they would be excited to find in our store. Helping customers find clothes that they’ll love and are passionate about helped me learn to love and appreciate clothing as I never have before.

Buffalo Exchange Berkeley  Meet Our Team Diana Manriquez 2

Some of the most amazing clothes I’ve ever seen have come across the buy counter. Vintage brands in trending shapes or cuts, and high-end items that I would otherwise only get the chance to see online come through the store constantly. I found a vintage Yves Saint Laurent shirt that I treasure, because it reminds me of the Gucci Cruise Line S/S 16 line.

My style can be comfy, edgy, bohemian, chic, and simple. I stick to loose fitted draped tops with unique subtle details. I rock a lot of crop tops and off the shoulder blouses, which I top off with loose fitted draped edgy jackets and coats. I really dig simple cuts and heavy cotton pieces with structure and quality like those from Madewell, Gap, and American Apparel. I’m all for quality, so the way the clothing feels is important to me as well.

After all these amazing experiences with clothes and people who are passionate about them, I’ve found the love and appreciation I have for painting in clothing. I see it as the easiest way of expressing myself. I was intimidated to start at Buffalo Exchange, where I immediately dived into this new world of resale shopping and buying in general. But being happy to come into work every day and being highly interested in what this company stands for made the road less bumpy and an easy, productive journey. I discovered myself in the process and improved thanks to the managers and staff. I can look at clothing all day and never get tired of it. Every day I’m able to wear cute, different styles and feel comfortable doing so thanks to Buffalo. I am constantly evolving and I can’t wait to see what Buffalo Exchange has to offer!