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Meet Our Team: Bekki Romanowski

By Buffalo Exchange Atlanta

Atlanta store manager, Bekki, shares her skull and bone collection. Not to mention her amazing jewelry finds.

Buffalo Exchange

People tend to think I have some odd collection interests for someone who has been a vegetarian for 17 years. It started with some animal skulls that I found over the years, like fox skulls and an array of horn bracelets. I started collecting other bones and antlers shortly after, using them to display my massive hoarder jewelry collection. Over my four years at Buffalo Exchange, at three different stores, I have had the opportunity of finding these oddities at antique stores in surrounding areas.

I display my curated jewelry collection on them. I now have a pretty decent collection of skulls, jawbones, horns, antlers, teeth, insect taxidermy, and one prized taxidermy piece—a regal fox who I saw in an antique store in New Orleans that I could not leave without.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

The only downside to my collection is having a very nosy cat that knocks down my displays nightly while trying to eat them! I also collect crystals and old children’s literature books, especially those illustrated by Arthur Rackham, whose illustrations I grew up with in my childhood home—and may explain my penchant for collecting strange and unusual, one-of-a-kind pieces.


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