Meet Our Customer: Jasmin aka Vintage Vandalizm

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By Buffalo Exchange Las Vegas

We had a fun photoshoot with the lovely Jasmin of Vintage Vandalizm where we discussed her personal style, social media, and Buffalo Exchange faves!

How would you describe your personal style?
It’s very versatile, but there is always a 1950s element. I don’t even know how to describe it sometimes. I don’t like to be categorized. That’s what’s beautiful about fashion anyways, right? You can wear whatever the hell you want, whenever you want. I don’t limit myself and I like to be a chameleon.

How has it changed over the years?
I think my style just gets bolder and bolder the older I get. The more creative I get. I’m influenced by art, history, and culture. I am always finding new ways to be creative. I get bored easily, so I keep my creative juices flowing.

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Okay, so what is it that keeps those creative juices inspired?
I am really inspired by fashion in foreign countries, particularly Japan. They have a very limitless sense of style. They love culture, they love art, and they love music. Japan knows how to incorporate all of these things into their style. When I was little I loved to play dress up and it hasn’t changed. I still wake up every day excited to create my look depending on my mood or what inspires me that day.

You have a huge following on social media how did you come up with the name Vintage Vandalizm?
I started thrifting when I was a teenager. I was attending Art and Design in Manhattan. I thought a good way to promote my artwork was to paint on my clothing. I would buy blazers at Salvation Army and paint portraits on the back of them. I even made tee shirts. This is when Usher came out with the whole blazer look. I have the original one I made left. I would have people ask me to do custom artwork on their clothing. I was stopped on the subway train one day and I had a gentlemen ask for a Guns and Roses design. After I finished his blazer he was so happy and said “WOW, this is like vintage vandalism.” At this time I was going to school for comic illustration, dabbling with graffiti, and merging into fashion design. So it seemed the name fit me perfectly especially since my style is retro with an artistic unconventional twist. Well, now you know!

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What’s your favorite Buffalo Exchange item?
My Falguni and Shane peacock dress, I found at the Buffalo Exchange in Manhattan.

We know you frequent several Buffalo Exchanges across the country when you travel, tell us about your best shopping experience.
Honestly, it’s always here in Vegas and the one in Williamsburg. I think it’s because I know everybody. Everyone is so friendly and can relate to my style. I come here and they are like “OMG, we got this new vintage dress” and I end up buying it, because they know my style so well.

Give us your best fashion advice.
Be open-minded. Now let’s write that down, because I am going to go ham. The more open-minded you are, the more your style can evolve, the more you get to know yourself better. That’s it, right?

Jasmin also known as Vintage Vandalizm can be found Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!