Meet Our Customer: Tierra

By Gabriella De Brequet & Deandra Binder, Buffalo Exchange Tucson (Campus)

It’s everyone’s favorite season in Arizona—spring! In Tucson we’ve been seeing many customers looking for 70s classic vintage pieces, western circle skirts, and cute peasant blouses that you can pair with cutoffs and be ready for the weekend!

Meet Tierra, avid lover of Buffalo Exchange and western vintage, who let us in on her favorite styles and what pieces she’s got her eyes out for this season.

How long have you been shopping at Buffalo Exchange? Ten years, since I was 16!

What has been your favorite Buffalo find? These brown vintage boots that have a hidden pocket inside. They remind me of go-go boots, but for a cowgirl. I’ll definitely be passing those down to the grandkids someday.

What’s on your spring wish list? A squash blossom. (Us too, Tierra)

Describe your personal style: My style is all over the place, but when I’m shopping at Buffalo on the day to day, I’m looking for something cute and casual. Typically jeans and a tee shirt, but when I’m shopping vintage, the pieces that really stick out to me are those 60s/70s classic flowy boho western pieces.

Our lovely employees here at the Campus store, Erikha, Olivia, and Leslie, put together some outfits inspired by Tierra and they are too cute! (Is anyone else eyeing that tooled leather Nefertiti shoulder bag?)

Buffalo Exchange Tucson Campus meet our customer 1

Buffalo Exchange Tucson Campus meet our customer

Buffalo Exchange Tucson Campus meet our customer 2