Meet Our Customer: Kymi Aeschliman

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By Buffalo Exchange Bellingham

In sleepy Bellingham, the average shopper has a true affinity for their boots, scarves, neutral colors, and technical outerwear. So when someone walks in our front doors wearing a wildly printed vintage dress, a necklace made out of Ruffles chips, and is carrying a 3-D frog purse—we all get a little excited. Especially when she proceeds to obsess over all of the quirkiest things in our store: a cupcake-print dress, a tiny sloth bag, or a vintage cape.

Meet Kymi, a regular shopper at the Bellingham Buffalo Exchange who has been shopping with us since we opened eight years ago. A passionate vegan, Kymi’s love of animals is often reflected in what she is wearing. Her Irregular Choice bunny heels do just that — “These are probably my best-ever Buffalo find,” she says. “I saw them from across the store and knew I had to have them.” Another gem she found recently is a mustard yellow minidress with a giant pilgrim collar, which she fittingly wore for Thanksgiving this year.

Buffalo Exchange Bellingham customer Kymi Aeschliman

Buffalo Exchange Irregualr Choice bunny heels

When I asked Kymi about how she would define her personal style, she thought for a moment before giving a highly respectable answer: she wears whatever she wants! While she chooses not to be a slave to trends, her clothing choices tend to be inspired by Mia Farrow and anything old Hollywood, while also having a penchant for 60s inspired minidresses, and a dash of flair from anything over-the-top (especially when it comes to accessories!).

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Kymi’s favorite thing about Buffalo Exchange is that it is always a surprise—she never knows what she’ll find, which makes it fun to stop in often! She loves the little treasures she scores, which can range from vintage, to our new merchandise, to crazy-fun finds (like those amazing bunny shoes!) that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.