Meet Our Customer: Hasan

By Victoria T., Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Williamsburg)

“I think my favorite movies might just be Breakfast Club and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, basically anything that has to do with breakfast,” Hasan laughs. This was one of the many questions I asked during our quick interview. Classic movies, filled with culture and style icons of decades since passed, which sums up Hasan Nuri.

He has been shopping at Buffalo Exchange for almost six years now, but has been thrift shopping since he was in middle school. “As soon as I found that denim Levi’s jacket with a buffalo plaid on the inside I knew thrift shopping was going to become a big hobby of mine. I still have that jacket 8 years later.” While his most beloved designers are Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs, his greatest fashion advice would be that it truly doesn’t matter how big the brand is that you’re buying…not everything needs to have a great name attached to it to look good on you. “If you like it…wear it, be you.”

Buffalo Exchange

Hasan is a frequent customer at the Williamsburg location, and is always excited to share his shopping adventures with us. His most recent find (and his favorite, so far) is a pair of Raf Simons sneakers, all black with a white sole. His style is more on the contemporary side, but when asked he explained that he has a bit of a kooky and weird side. He is all about textured sweaters and jackets right now, but in the summer its bright neon colors and pastels, but he wouldn’t be caught dead in shorts.

Buffalo Exchange