Meet Our Customer: Dirk Jackson

By Buffalo Exchange Portland (downtown)

One of our most loquacious regulars, Dirk Jackson is a native of Tacoma, Wash. Buffalo Exchange appeared on his radar when he moved to Seattle where he was a working musician for many years. But it wasn’t until he relocated to Portland 14 years ago that he became a regular shopper and seller. “I have expensive taste and I’m very picky, but as a musician I couldn’t really afford that,” says Jackson of the initial appeal of shopping at Buffalo Exchange.

Now a near-daily seller, Jackson is always sleuthing out great finds at estate sales and other secretive locales. Regardless of whether he’s keeping something for his personal collection or bringing it in to sell, Jackson has a signature aesthetic that never fails to impress, like vintage Levis, Filson collaborations, and fine men’s footwear. “[My style] is vintage-influenced; vintage military, sports or outdoorsy,” he says. “And I’m always on the hunt for RRLs.” His best Buffalo find was a Langlitz leather pullover shirt that he nabbed in Seattle in the 80s. “That thing was crazy.”

Buffalo Exchange

Jackson’s newest venture is his custom-made line of bags, simply dubbed “Dirk Bags.” Drawing inspiration from vintage military bags, Jackson hand-sews each one-of-kind bag from scrap leather and other materials like denim or waxed canvas. Our customers adore them and get even more excited when they find out that one of our regulars handmade them. Just like the amazing bags, Dirk Jackson is a true Buffalo Exchange original!