Meet Our Customer: Alfred Banks

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By Buffalo Exchange New Orleans

Photography by Buffalo Exchange, @TampaPhotographer and @YaBoyDappa

Alfred Banks first started shopping at Buffalo Exchange New Orleans in 2007, when he was a freshman at Loyola University. Even then, I considered him one of our most stylish male customers. In the near-decade that he has been shopping with us, he has refined his style and moved on to become one of New Orleans’ rising stars in the rap community. He has worked with the likes of Lupe Fiasco, Mikey Factz and G-Eazy. Over the years, he has performed many times at Buffalo Exchange for various parties that we have had including our 40th anniversary celebration, our 10 year anniversary party and most recently our grand re-opening celebration. Recently, Alfred was invited to Pamplona, Spain to film a European Volkswagen commercial. I spent some time with Alfred (as I often do when he comes in to shop) to ask him a few questions.

What’s your favorite all-time Buffalo find?
My all-time favorite finds were a pair of Jordan 8s (Peapod). I saw them and freaked out, because that’s my favorite shoe of all time.

How long have you been rapping?
I’ve been doing music since June 6, 2009; seven years and counting.

Buffalo Exchange Duece Bradshaw photo of Alfred Asics
Photo by Duece Bradshaw (@tampaphotographer)

What is your musical inspiration?
My inspirations come from other dope rappers that I work with like XXL freshman Mickey Factz or my underground colleagues like rapper Marcel P. Black. They keep me on my toes.

Recently you were featured in a European Volkswagen commercial. What was that like? 
The commercial was an incredible experience. We had so much fun. My favorite experience was being shown around the Volkswagen factory and seeing how they make cars. The best part of the vacation was seeing the city. Spain is a beautiful place with awesome people. I was excited to see and experience it.

Tell me about your aspirations for the future. I read someplace you want to dive into fashion.     
I’d like to be an inspiration as it pertains to fashion. I enjoy putting together outfits with the stuff I find at Buffalo or in general. I take pride in what I wear. Maybe in the future, I can have a clothing line or sneaker line. Or maybe I’ll even open a store of some sort, who knows?

Buffalo Exchange Dappa photo of Alfred Cincy Pants
Photo by Dappa (@YaboyDappa)

What are your style inspirations? 
Mikey Factz, Wale’s sneaker game is great, and Fabolous is a dope dresser.

Any favorite brands/designers?
I don’t really have a favorite brand. I’m really into Reebok Pumps lately.

Is there anything you want to share that I haven’t asked?
Well, you guys can follow me on Instagram/Twitter @Underdogcentral. You can check my music out at Thanks to Buffalo Exchange for being such a great store and I will be shopping here for years to come!