Meet Our Costumer: Joe Cole

Buffalo Exchange MN customer Joe Cole

By Buffalo Exchange Minneapolis

Joe Cole has been a regular at Buffalo Exchange Minneapolis for the past four-five years. When he isn’t serving at Parella or playing music, he is on the hunt for his next favorite item. He has always loved clothing and shoes, but attributes his main interest in fashion to his good friend, Max. His style is ever-changing; it ranges from styles inspired by street fashion to suits, depending on his mood, of course. He doesn’t have a favorite brand; just appreciates good clothing and the ability to have fun with clothes. Joe’s favorite item of the moment is the Michael Kors blazer he is sporting in this photo shoot. As a tall gent at 6’5” he has always struggled to find a good pair of pants, but he does advise men to “do yourself a favor, and find a fitted pair of pants.” Cole’s fashion/life advice: “Dress for yourself, not for others. If you’re cool with wearing sweatpants every day, that’s chill.”

Buffalo Exchange Minneapolis customer Joe Cole

Buffalo Exchange Minneapolis customer spotlight Joe Cole