Mad About Plaid

by Bailey, Buffalo Exchange Portland

Buffalo Exchange by Stephanie Lew

Portlanders are no strangers to plaid. We love it, we live it, we wear it all the time, in sickness and in health, ’til death do us part. I think I love plaid because I associate it with picnics. I love picnics, too, but we only get to have them for a few months out of the year in rainy North West. So what better time to bust out the plaid than Spring 2013?

Step 1: Know your plaid

There are a number of different kinds of plaid being shown for men this spring in shirts, pants, jackets, etc. You name it, you can find it in plaid—especially here! Here’s a quick guide to the different styles.

Buffalo ExchangeTartan (multi-colored large square, pajama plaid)

Buffalo ExchangeGingham (picnic)

Buffalo ExchangeMadras (preppy multi-colored, similar to tartan)

Buffalo ExchangeGlen (multi-color, multi width, 40s)

Buffalo ExchangeBuffalo Check (lumberjack)

Step 2: Own your plaid

For a subtle approach to plaid, try finding a piece with a plaid accent, like these awesome pants with plaid pocket accents!

Buffalo ExchangeFor daring plaid connoisseurs, try out some pattern mixing like our cashier, Zahnen!

Step 3: Take to the streets

 No matter your particular plaid preference, there is always a way to incorporate this proven Portland pattern into your spring wardrobe. See you at the park! I’ll bring the watermelon.