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Les Fleurs de Portland

By: Mackenzie Roberts & Emily Corsones

Portland is known for its rainy, gloomy spring weather, but what do those April showers bring us for summer?

Buffalo ExchangeMay flowers! After waiting out all the drear, Portlanders get excited for the first blossoms of summer. These pretty petals inspire us in many aspects of our lives, including the way we dress. You’ll see the transformation from rustic winter wear to bright, flowing chiffons and chunky statement jewelry.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo ExchangeBuffalo Exchange   Buffalo ExchangeThe vibrant hues and soft textures are especially relevant this season given the current trends in women’s wear. Subtle ombres, layered chiffons and sky-high wedges are just a few styles we see flourishing in our City of Roses.

Take a hint from nature this season and let your personal style bloom!