Layers, Layers, Layers

By Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Hillcrest)

Buffalo Exchange

With the weather being mild and not often dropping below 70, the hip and fashionable in Hillcrest still like to dress reasonably light or show some skin while layering up for the season.

This fall, the fashion on the streets is dominated by grunge chic with a modern twist. Camouflage (both in solid green and an all-over print) has made a serious comeback this year for men and women, with camo jackets and pants being seen on many San Diego trendsetters. Cutoff denim pieces are still as popular as ever, with men’s shorts still staying above the knee and vests appearing on the ladies, both cropped and waist-length. Flannels are another staple this season—fitted for men and oversized for women. Oversized open sweaters over short, draping dresses seems to be a popular layering technique for the ladies too. What’s the shoe of choice for fall? Boots! Doc Martens, leather booties and moccasins are the choice kicks for the Hillcrest crowd, but high top sneakers are being seen as well. By mixing fall color palettes and patterns with light weight layers, the fashionistas in Hillcrest know how to set the trends and keep up with the season without losing that easy going SoCal flare.

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