Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Using Everyday Clothing

Buffalo Exchange Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

By Buffalo Exchange HQ and Buffalo Exchange Eugene

The beauty of shopping for Halloween costumes at Buffalo Exchange is that we have everything you need to create your costume – from the everyday clothing items that form the basis of a look to the costume accessories that really bring it to life. Plus, our Costume Stylists can help you put together your entire last-minute Halloween look. Read on for some easy ideas!


Buffalo Exchange Librarian Halloween Costume

What a classic! Pair a pencil skirt with a button-down blouse, cardigan and oversized readers to get the look. If you’re missing one or more of these, check your local Buffalo to see what they’ve got. Added bonus for props like an old book or pencils in your chest pocket.


Buffalo Exchange Rugrats Halloween Costume

For Didi Pickles, aka the Rugrats mom, find a basic red dress. You’ll just need to add green glasses, a yellow necklace and a wig. This makes for a good couples costume as well! You can create Stu Pickles with a green button-up, a blazer and a polka dot tie, which can easily be DIY’d or found at your local Buffalo.

80s Aerobics Instructor

Buffalo Exchange 80s Halloween Costume

Here’s another last-minute Halloween costume that never fails! Get your 80s workout instructor on with a pair of leggings, a one-piece swimsuit and sneakers. For a little extra oomph, add a scrunchie or sweatbands and don’t forget that side ponytail! This one’s also comfortable enough to wear all day and night.

Bob’s Burgers

Buffalo Exchange Bob's Burgers Halloween Costume

The Bob’s Burgers cast is one of the easiest to replicate with street clothes – and makes for a great group costume as well!

For Linda: Find a long-sleeved red or orange tee, a white waist apron (could be DIY’d out of a white skirt) and red glasses. Throw on a pair of Converse or Vans, part your hair down the center and voila!

For Bob: You’ll need gray slacks, a white tee and dark-colored shoes. With a mustache and a fake burger (optional, but a pretty good prop), the costume is complete!

For Louise: This one’s super simple – all you need is a green dress and a pink hat. You can even DIY the ears on the hat with pink felt.

For Tina: You can find a blue tee and a denim skirt by shopping the racks at Buffalo. Just add a pair of black-framed glasses, tube socks and a yellow barrette.

For Gene: Yellow tee, denim shorts, red Converse. ‘Nuff said.


Buffalo Exchange Minion Halloween Costume

Fans of Minions are in luck – overalls are super popular right now, so they can easily be worn after Halloween, too. Add a yellow tee and steampunk goggles (or two mason jar lids duct taped together) to finish off the look. Optional: pick up a yellow beanie and add sprouts of hair on the top or create a cardboard sign that says “I’m With Stupid.”

The Most Interesting Man in the World

Buffalo Exchange Halloween Costume

Remember this ad of late 2000s fame? To become The Most Interesting Man in the World, you’ll need to find a velvet blazer, a white button-down and a beard (if you don’t have your own). Use some temporary white hair dye on your hair and beard and pick up a bottle of Dos Equis to complete the look.

Paris Hilton circa 2004

Buffalo Exchange Eugene Paris Hilton Halloween Costume

Who doesn’t remember the infamous blonde and her pampered pooch carried in her designer bag? This iconic 2000s look is pretty easy to achieve by wearing a denim mini skirt, pumps or Uggs and ANYTHING pink and bedazzled. Be sure to incorporate the dog-in-the-bag to really sell this Halloween look.

Wayne’s World

Buffalo Exchange Wayne's World Halloween Costume

For party time, Wayne and Garth make totally tubular, totally easy last-minute Halloween costumes. Find some distressed levis, then add a band tee, a flannel and a blond wig to create Garth. For Wayne, just add a black T-shirt and black ball cap. You can print out a Wayne’s World logo at home and pin it to the hat.  Easy enough!


Buffalo Exchange Sia Halloween Costume

Go all out as one of this year’s hottest artists – Sia. All you’ll need is a minimalistic outfit made up of contrasting black and white pieces and a blonde wig with extra-long bangs and a blunt cut. If you can, dye or paint half of the wig black or DIY a huge bow and secure it on top of your head. With this last-minute Halloween costume, you may bring home a bag full of candy AND a grammy. Added bonus: have a friend dress up as Maddie Ziegler (all you really need is a nude leotard and a blonde wig with bangs) and dance around with you all night.

We love Halloween, but we also know how stressful coming up with a costume can be when you’re down to the wire. Fortunately, with these costume ideas and tips, you’ll be able to create the perfect last-minute Halloween look in no time. Go through your closet to see what you already have and then visit your local Buffalo Exchange for any extras you may need. Our Costume Stylists are waiting for you!