Last-Minute Costumes

By Kelsey Keena, Buffalo Exchange Fullerton

Between work, school and friends, it’s easy to lose track of time, finding yourself panicking over a costume at the last second. Don’t worry! There’s no need to rush to the nearest store – you can find a costume right within your closet.

With a little imagination and creativity, it’s possible to whip up an easy costume utilizing what you already own. Ultimately, Halloween is about having fun with your friends – and candy, of course! – so why stress over a complicated costume? You never know – by shopping in your own closet, you may find not only an outfit for the night, but also a new favorite piece that you forgot you owned.


With the latest craze over vintage band and motorcycle T-shirts, you may already have what you need to create a rebel biker look! Simply throw on your favorite tee and style a bandanna as a headscarf. Bonus points if you have leather jacket to layer on top. After Halloween, tie the bandanna around your neck instead for a super cute everyday outfit.

Buffalo Exchange Fullerton Biker Halloween Costume


Remember that flapper dress you bought two years ago and never wore again? How about that vintage hat you picked up on a whim? Wear them tonight! Then, after Halloween, instead of leaving the dress in your closet for another two years, transform it into a unique everyday outfit with a wide-brimmed hat and jean jacket. This way, you’re not only creating a unique costume, but also getting the most out of your budget and clothing!

Buffalo Exchange Fullerton Flapper Halloween Costume

Railroad Conductor

Utilitarian jumpsuits are totally on trend, so if you have one in your closet, use it for a fun and easy train conductor costume. After Halloween, simply switch out the caps and you’re good to go!

Buffalo Exchange Fullerton DIY Halloween Costume Train Conductor

50s Chic

If you have a cute vintage dress, play it up for a decades costume. After Halloween, modernize it with current accessories for an everyday look.

Buffalo Exchange Fullerton DIY Halloween Costume

So take a breather. There’s no need to panic because, with just a little creativity, you’ll be able to create a costume as good as if you had it planned it for the entire month. Don’t forget that Halloween is all about the experience and having a good time. Plus, by reusing what you already have in your closet, your bank account will thank you!