Kodachrome: Born free

Take a look at this amazing editorial styled by Buffalo Exchange Portland employee Samantha Lemieux. Photographer: Natasha Djuhandi

Portland StyleWe are the changemakers. Constantly growing and evolving with our surroundings, we never settle in for too long because we have too much to experience in this short life. Our possessions do not define us, yet they are an extension of our life story. Our biggest differentiation from other generations is our tireless need to discover, to question, and to never stop believing in our wildest dreams. We were all born free, some of us just dont know it yet.

Portland Style

Portland Style

Portland StylePortland StylePortland StylePortland StylePortland StylePortland Style

Photographer: Natasha Djuhandi,Art Director/Stylist: Samantha Lemieux, Assistant Stylists: Elena Crowson and Amanda Blackman, Hair & Make-up: Christine Shields and Destiny Taylor, Models: Kelsey Odenthal, Kristi Sakura, Nicholas Wilson, and Tanisha Payne. 2012 Portland, Oregon.

Clothing and Accessories provided by Buffalo Exchange Hawthorne, Ashley Scholtes, Alexa Stark , Marion Max, Seaecho.