5 Tips for Keeping Your Style Fresh

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By Jessica Pruitt, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Most of us end up feeling like we have nothing to wear on a pretty regular basis. But what about our friends (or frenemies, ahem) who seem to sidestep this problem? You know the kind: they look great every single day like it’s NO BIG DEAL. The nerve! Instead of getting jealous, get even. With these 5 tips, you’ll feel like you have a brand new wardrobe every season – without ever going over budget!

Play spin the bottle: style edition

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We all get stuck in styling ruts, wearing the same combos day after day. To break the cycle, play a game of spin the bottle with your closet. Start by spinning in a circle, then closing your eyes and randomly picking out a top and a bottom. Really. We’re not kidding. The challenge is to make it work by adding layers and accessories. You might not hit on a winning combo the first time, but as they say, try, try again. You never know what you might discover! If you’re ok with a mess, pile your entire wardrobe in the center of your room, invite your best friend over and make a night of it. Wine optional (but highly recommended).

A closet to DIY for

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Getting bored of that same old jeans and tee? We get it. To mix things up, have some fun with DIY distressing. Take to your jeans with a spray bottle of bleach or scissors and sandpaper. You can even lock down one of the season’s hottest denim trends by DIY-ing a frayed hem. Instant wardrobe update! But wait, this isn’t just for denim. Give one of your old tees a new neckline, turn it into a tie-front or add artful cut-outs. You can also give anything in your wardrobe a makeover by covering it with pins and patches or tying on a colorful scarf.

Go in with a plan


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As the weather starts to change, look to the minimalist wardrobe concept for inspiration. Start by making a list of all the items you’d want in your dream wardrobe.  For example, three open-back tank tops, three pairs of high-waisted shorts, three pairs of sandals, etc. You might even choose a general color scheme. When in doubt, look to your favorite fashion influencers for ideas. Then, every time you go shopping, keep an eye out for those perfect pieces. This can save you from those one-off impulse buys that just end up wasting your hard-earned cash (not to mention closet space!) and ensure that, the next time you have a big date, you don’t lament, “But I have nothing to wear!”

When in doubt, keep it classic

Buffalo Exchange stripes

The one way to ensure that you always look fresh, up-to-date and on-trend might surprise you: steer away from this year’s most of-the-moment styles. Whaaaaat? That’s right. Instead, invest in quality items with classic prints and silhouettes. That striped tee is going to look like you just bought it, no matter how many seasons it’s been in rotation. When it comes to current trends, choose a few of your favorites and selectively add accent pieces into your closet. If you can find these secondhand or DIY them, all the better!

Trade in your closet clean-out!

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Feeling magical? Turn that pile of sweaters into a new spring wardrobe! When it comes time to pack up the heavy sweaters and jackets and pull out the lightweight dresses and tees, take a moment to assess what you have. How about that sweater that you’ve worn maybe twice since you bought it? Or the brand new pair of boots you swore you’d wear but never did? These are probably why you feel like you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. Throw them in a bag and bring them down to Buffalo! We buy the best of all seasons, all year round. This way, you can turn not-worth-storing winter pieces into trade money for new clothing and accessories. Accio spring wardrobe!