Keep Your Fork There’s Pie

By Josiah Earle, Buffalo Exchange Portland (Downtown)

Band PhotoPortland based sextet band, Keep Your Fork There’s Pie, have been churning out their own unique and infectious brand of folk-pop soul-rock since 2006. The playful sensibility of the band’s humorous onstage banter and instrument/vocal swapping makes each show exciting and a special entertainment event for the whole family. And there’s usually pie (seriously, they want you to eat the pie!) Earlier this summer, when Downtown Portland Buffalo employee Josiah, was asked by his brother/band member Nathan to style a photo shoot for the band to promote their upcoming shows and album, he jumped at the chance. Nathan has been shopping at Buffalo since long before Josiah knew it existed and he rarely leaves the store without a few new treasures for his wardrobe. Josiah tried to convey each band member’s individual styles and personalities while using a color palette suggested by his brother.

Band PhotoBand PhotoYou can listen to snippets and buy their most recent CD, Homespun, at and like them on Facebook to hear about their live shows. Either way, you’ll soon be treating yourself to some delicious pie!