Josiah’s Thanks

Family Photo                When I think about what I’m thankful for, the easiest and truest thing for me to express is my appreciation for my family, especially my parents. Throughout my upbringing and early adult life, my Mom Cindy and Father Maury have offered me and my three brothers unwavering support and encouragement to pursue our interests without pushing us to achieve success in areas that weren’t our true desires. I feel so fortunate to call my parents close friends. Though they live halfway across the country in Topeka, Kansas, I enjoy staying in touch with them and hearing about the latest family affairs on frequent phone conversations. They’re also always willing to send me odds and ends that I forgot at their house when I moved to Portland two years ago.

Though my Dad is a tough looking Harley Davidson rider and reformed wild child (you can see he has developed quite the biker beard in the most recent photo), he is a sensitive soul and a great listener. He doesn’t usually offer unsolicited advice, but when it’s needed it is generously given, wise and concise.

My Mom is one of the most personable people I know. She could make a new friend at the bus stop or the zoo or a mall bathroom. She will give anyone the time of day for a brief and genuine exchange of words. When she visited me for my oldest brother’s wedding, we got to spend some great quality time together. Her constant awe and appreciation of my new surroundings helped me to remember to appreciate every little detail of daily life and the beauty of the Northwest. When I brought her to shop at Buffalo she had such a great time. When we left she said, “How is it possible that we were there for two hours!?”

I love my Mom and Dad and I’m not afraid to say it!

Family Photo            I also really, truly appreciate the company I work for. The support Buffalo gives me, as well as what it allows me to do and express is invaluable. I’ve made some of my greatest friends in Portland through working here and have purchased way too many amazing clothes for my more than ample wardrobe.

            Thanks Mom and Dad and thank you Buffalo Exchange!