Jobs That Travel: Jeanette’s Buffalo Exchange Journey

Buffalo Exchange Career Journey Jeanette

By Buffalo Exchange HQ

One of the best parts of working at Buffalo Exchange is that there are always opportunities to grow – this is definitely one of those jobs that travel! Whether it be moving to a different city or taking on a new position, anything is possible. Jeanette Sandala is the perfect example of someone who took advantage of opportunities as they arose and has been willing to go wherever she was needed.

Jobs That Travel: From Tucson to the West Coast to NYC and Back Again

Buffalo Exchange Career Jeanette

It all started with the application she filled out with pink sparkle pen, which she strongly believes is the reason she was hired. She started at Buffalo Exchange Tucson in 1998 as a part-time Buyer and has moved and progressed a great deal in her almost 20 year career.

In 2002, she moved to Portland, Oregon and soon accepted an Associate Manager position. Two years later, she jumped at the opportunity to relocate to California, where she became Store Manager of our new Costa Mesa store. After that, it wasn’t long before she moved to the Long Beach location. But as someone who loves jobs that travel, you couldn’t expect her to stay put, right? In 2009, she traded coasts and headed to New York, where she eventually became the Store Manager of the Williamsburg location.

Joining Buffalo Exchange Headquarters

Buffalo Exchange Career Jeanette Twiggy

In 2014, Jeanette joined the newly formed Development Team. In this position, she had the opportunity to travel and train new managers across the country. This role prepared her for her most recent move in 2015, when she left New York to return to Tucson, back where she started her Buffalo journey years ago. Jeanette now oversees the Sell by Mail Program at Buffalo Exchange HQ.

Buffalo Exchange Career Jeanette Sell By Mail

In 2018, Jeanette will celebrate 20 years with the Herd.  She encourages those around her never to get too comfortable or be afraid to speak up. She believes that sharing your ideas, no matter where you fall in the chain of command, can help contribute to a team-oriented environment and overall success. More than all of that, though, she has one very important piece of advice: “Remember to have fun!”

If you are interested in working for a company where you can learn and grow, join our team! You can apply online or in-store today. As Jeanette proves, you can turn your love of fashion and jobs that travel into a career at Buffalo Exchange.