After the After Party: How to Take Your NYE Looks from Night to Day

Buffalo Exchange, Headquarters, Ventura, NYE Looks

By Aarian Frye, Buffalo Exchange HQ; Photos from Buffalo Exchange Ventura.

After the holidays, when all the champagne is gone and all the sparklers are burnt out, it’s not unusual to find your closet stuffed to the gills with fun pieces you bought and only wore to one – albeit spectacular! – party. If you’d like to give ‘em one more chance to make an appearance in your #OOTDs before you sell to your local Buffalo Exchange, read ahead to see how easy it can be to bring your NYE looks from night to day with a few key pieces.

Night-to-Day Incog-neato!

Buffalo Exchange, Headquarters, Ventura, NYE Looks, gray jacket, metallic dress, Opening Ceremony

A metallic dress befitting a starry night filled with fireworks can be brought back down to earth with a low-key trench jacket made from a comfortable jersey knit. Incorporate a chic translucent cross-body from the night before and slip-on trainers. Top it off with a dad hat to stylishly hide the bed head you may or may not (totally!) have.  


No pictures, please!

Buffalo Exchange, Headquarters, Ventura, NYE Looks, yellow, plaid, puma, leather jacket

If one of your NYE looks involved a pair of modern tapered slacks, heels and a crop top, simply throw on a sporty hoodie dress and casual sneakers for a pop of color. A top-handle satchel and dark-tinted sunnies make the night-to-day transition easy like Sunday morning.

Athleisure NYE Looks

Buffalo Exchange, Headquarters, Ventura, NYE looks, black and white, Adidas, blue, fanny pack

On the run? Take the Adidas joggers you wore with heels and a button-up the night before and pair ‘em with sneakers and an always-cool moto jacket. Trade in a traditional purse for one of 2018’s biggest upcoming trends: the oversized fannypack. After a long night, this should free your hands up for holding the coffee you most definitely need.

What a Way to Go!

Buffalo Exchange, Headquarters, Ventura, NYE Looks, pink, velvet, jumpsuit

Are you concerned that a bright pink velvet jumpsuit worthy of Louisa May Foster may be a little too intense to bring into the daytime? This is one of those NYE looks you can easily tone down with a black ruffle-sleeved blouse and simple ankle booties. Add a kitschy pair of translucent pink-framed sunglasses and dainty gold chain to complete the night-to-day transition.

As you can see, it’s easy to take your NYE looks from night to day with a few crucial elements: great eyewear, a cool jacket and comfy shoes. Once you are ready to retire your favorite sparkle-and-shine pieces, stop in to Buffalo Exchange and sell them for cash or trade. This is a sure way to keep the good times rolling – someone else is bound to find them and give them a second life (of the party, of course)!