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Holidays in Phoenix

By Mike House & Emily Ortiz, Buffalo Exchange Phoenix


(Kristen, Cerise and Natalie)

It’s finally that time of year that all the Buffalos get oh-so-very excited for … THE HOLIDAYS!


(Ruby and Leah)

We get extremely excited for everything that winter and the holidays have to offer and we are definitely showing our excitement throughout the Phoenix store. With the decline in the unreasonably hot weather we find a sudden and unexplainable morale boost that comes along with the cooling temperature and gloomy skies. This temperature change always manages to bring in an amazing rush of sellers and buyers trading in their old winter threads for some new ones. This being said it is also an amazing opportunity to get our customers excited about the wide array of gift items we have.


(Emily and Mike)


(Rachel and Julia)

At our holiday photo booth we welcomed our customers to try on our festive selection of holiday outfits, including our especially exciting holiday sweaters that are right outside our fitting rooms. This made it easy to throw on for a laugh in our photo booth. Visit our local Buffalo Exchange to sell your old holiday sweaters and maybe buy some new ones for this season. Can you ever really have too much holiday spirit?! Not at Buffalo Exchange!