Holiday Dressing

By Buffalo Exchange SF (Haight)


Once December hits so does Holiday sweater time here in SF! Whether it is for an “ugly” Holiday sweater party or just a great addition to a fun and funky wardrobe, they are a great piece for the holiday season. With the chill, many customers are trading in their light jackets and faux furs and great heavy vintage coats. For those attending evening outings here in the city, a great holiday dress is a must-have. We are loving dark colored knee length dresses as well as cute little numbers matched with shiny jewels and bright shoes for that extra punch of glam.


One thought on “Holiday Dressing

  1. Buffalo exchange is horrible at the philadelphia location you have no idea what’s going everyone is all over the place people getting in front of people this is a worst place I have ever been to for selling clothes I been to other places and they have order and the workers know what they are doing the workers are as bad as the customers. No one knows what is going on no one have a clue everyone just does whatever. I will never sell clothes here again and besides people jumping in front of you to top it off you wait in line for an hr or more with people cutting in front of you this store sucks ????????

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