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Higher Waisted Shorts for Higher Temperatures

Written & Photographed by Pamela Cathey

Short StyleIn many parts of the country, not only is summer coming, it is here and ready to melt those layers of clothing right off! As the temperatures rise, so do the hemlines. This season’s short is of the high-waisted variety. The waistline of these shorts makes for a very flattering figure for any body type, as long as they are worn properly.

Short Style

Always tuck in your t-shirt or blouse if you want to accentuate an hourglass shape. A too loose blouse will add volume to your waist, but be careful not to tuck in too much or it will look confined and too tight.

Short Style

Finally, it is all about the shoes!  Matching a high heel with your high-waist lengthens your leg and elongates your silhouette.  If you aren’t a heel kind of lady, flats or sandals can be worn to maintain that summer style.

Short Style