Her Lucky Shirt

Buffalo Exchange Bowler shirt.

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange Tempe

You would think by the title that this vintage bowling shirt brought good luck on the lanes, resulting in a mantle full of trophies. Nope. Didn’t win a single one. But as I recently found, luck can take some unexpected forms.

Buffalo Exchange vintage bowling shirt.

Ten years ago, myself and three friends decided it would be fun to form a bowling team. Since our league didn’t offer shirts (sadly, few do these days), we opted to sport vintage bowling shirts. We may not have been the most talented team, but we certainly were the spiffiest. And right we were—it was lots of fun.

Afterwards, most of our bowling shirts found their way to Buffalo Exchange, including those of my teammate Hannah. She wound up moving to the Midwest, while another team member went to the east coast. Life moved right along and those days took their proper place in the background of my memory. Until recently, that is.

I’m in a thrift store (big surprise), checking out the bric-a-brac (Buffalo has spoiled me—I don’t even look at the clothes in thrift stores anymore). As I make my way to leave, a blue glint catches my eye. It’s the shirt pictured here. Not only is it a rockin’, chain-stitched vintage Hilton bowling shirt—it is THE VERY SHIRT Hannah wore while bowling for our team. A decade later it came back around, reminding me of fun times with good friends. Sounds pretty lucky to me.