Health Goth

By Buffalo Exchange Philly

Buffalo Exchange

We’ve seen an exciting trend take hold that captures the convergence of sports-luxe, and the dark edgy fashion we are used to seeing here in Philly. “Health Goth” has been considered the transcendence of normcore, where punk meets sporty, monochrome meets masculine, and active wear is paired with 90s inspired goth. When you think health goth, think “joggers after dark,” one might think a customer sporting the health goth look was simply on their way to the gym, if the look didn’t demand such fiercely cohesive ensembles.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

The name of the game with health goth is strictly “best of both worlds” being comfortable and looking chic. Key motifs include active wear (moisture-wicking t-shirts, jogging pants, and gym shorts), baseball caps with long brims, mock necks, high socks, and—perhaps most importantly—a chunky shoe or sneaker, preferably all black or black with white accents. Feel free to add a retroactively ironic accessory or two, like chokers, drawstring backpacks, or calculator watches … just don’t blow your cool.

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