Have A Seat

Buffalo ExchangeBuffalo Exchange Dallas employee Karla Gallegos artistically painted over a once “sad” bench to a Buffalo themed day on the range. We took a moment to ask her a few questions! 

How long have you worked at Buffalo Exchange?

I’ve worked for Buffalo as a Buyer since April 12th of 2012.Buffalo Exchange

How long have you been making art?

I started getting into art when I took my first art class in 5th grade. I have always been into art growing up whether it was learning to paint, draw or simply creating things. Since I started working for Buffalo Exchange it has helped me to push myself to wanting to create more.

What do you love about Buffalo Exchange?

Besides getting to seeing all the amazing cool merchandise we buy in for the store, I really enjoy working for Buffalo because I get to express my talent with my art. As well as getting to work with my awesome co-workers I have met along the road. I love that every Buffalo Exchange is different in its own community, from the merchandise on their racks to what art fills their store. I love Buffalo Exchange’s belief on recycling and giving back to the community with Tokens for Bags®.

Buffalo ExchangeWhat was your inspiration for painting the bench?

My inspiration for the bench came from the symbols and designs used by Native American artists. I chose designs that I thought reflected Buffalo Exchange like the patterns I used that represented the cycle of life and renewal. The spirals symbolize water, waves, and springtime which I was hired in the spring. The steps represent direction and change like Buffalo Exchange continues to do as the waves continue to flow. These fine expressions created the finish piece of the Buffalo which is amongst the most dangerous yet very powerful animal that signifies sacred life, strength and abundance.