Hauntingly Good Halloween Costumes for Your Spookiest October Ever

Welcome back to our Costume of the Day series! From now until Halloween, we’ll be posting new Halloween costumes daily, all DIY’d out of items found at Buffalo Exchange. From group costumes and couples costumes to standalone looks, we’re brewing up some scary good ideas for you guys, so be sure to check back regularly!


Daria, Halloween Costumes, Buffalo Exchange, Richmond, Virginia


We DARIA you to find a better BFF costume than this! Photo from Buffalo Exchange Richmond Virginia.

Carrie, Christine, It, Stephen King, Halloween Costumes, Buffalo Exchange, Costa Mesa

Stephen King (Carrie, Christine, It)

Bring your favorite horror movie to life with costumes inspired by your favorite Stephen King characters! Picture from Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa.

The Craft, Witches, Buffalo Exchange, Brooklyn, Williamsburg

The Craft

Feeling witchy? There’s still time to CRAFT up a DIY costume from Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Williamsburg)!

Beyonce, Halloween Costumes, Buffalo Exchange, Seattle

Beyoncé – Lemonade

Hold up: do you have your Halloween costume yet? We’re ‘Crazy In Love’ with this Beyoncé look from Buffalo Exchange Seattle (Market)!

Rag Dolls, Halloween Costumes, Buffalo Exchange, Atlanta

Rag Dolls

Get all dolled up with costumes from Buffalo Exchange Atlanta!

Clowns, Halloween Costumes, Buffalo Exchange, San Diego, Hillcrest


Don’t clown around – find your last minute costumes today at Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Hillcrest)!

Pennywise, Clowns, Halloween Costumes, Buffalo Exchange, New Orleans

Pennywise and Friends

You’d be Penny-wise to shop for your Halloween costume at Buffalo Exchange New Orleans!

DC Villains, Halloween Costumes, Buffalo Exchange, Long Beach

DC Villains

We can Harley wait for Halloween! Dress up as your favorite villains in the DC Comics universe with costumes from Buffalo Exchange Long Beach!

Diane von Furstenberg, Karl Lagerfeld, Betsey Johnson, Buffalo Exchange, Pittsburgh

Diane von Furstenberg, Karl Lagerfeld, Betsey Johnson

Go glam this Halloween and emulate your favorite fashion designer! Photo from Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh.

Kardashians, Halloween Costumes, Buffalo Exchange, Dallas

The Kardashians

Buffalo Exchange Dallas is keeping up with your favorite reality show family this Halloween with these Kardashian-inspired costumes!

Mad Max, Halloween Costumes, Buffalo Exchange, Minneapolis

Mad Max

Witness these amazing Mad Max costumes at Buffalo Exchange Minneapolis!

Buffalo Exchange, Bellingham, Halloween, Pizza costume

Pizza Delivery and Pepperoni Slice 

These costumes are stealing a PIZZA our heart! Your pizza-inspired Halloween costumes will be ready in fifteen minutes at Buffalo Exchange Bellingham. Stop on by!

Buffalo Exchange, Ventura, Halloween Costumes, Chicken Nugget and Ketchup

Chicken Nugget and Ketchup 

Can we give you a nugget of advice? Find matching costumes for you and your BFF at Buffalo Exchange Ventura!

Buffalo Exchange, Astoria, Halloween Costumes, Living Dolls

Living Dolls 

It’s the night of the living dolls here at Buffalo Exchange Astoria!

Buffalo Exchange, Washington DC, Halloween costumes, Bride of Chucky

Bride of Chucky 

Hey, doll! Buffalo Exchange Washington DC has the costumes you need to make this Halloween a real scream!

Buffalo Exchange Nashville, Halloween Costumes, Circus


Come one, come all to Buffalo Exchange Nashville ! Join in on the fun this Halloween with outfits handpicked by our fabulous costume stylists.

Buffalo Exchange, Boston, Allston, Halloween costumes, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

You won’t have to wait ten years to wear these costumes from Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion! Photo from Buffalo Exchange Boston (Allston).

Buffalo Exchange, Columbus, Halloween costumes, Clueless


Are you totally buggin’ over what to be this Halloween? We can give you a clue… Pick up your Clueless costume at Buffalo Exchange Columbus!

Buffalo Exchange, San Diego, Pacific Beach, Halloween costumes, Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction

I do believe my husband, your boss, told you to take me out and do whatever I wanted. Now I wanna get this awesome costume from Buffalo Exchange Buffalo Exchange San Diego – Pacific Beach!

101 Dalmatians, Halloween Costume, Cruella DeVil, Disney Costumes

101 Dalmatians

This group costume from Buffalo Outlet – San Antonio is SPOT on!

Sesame Street Looks For Your Whole Crew

Sunny day, sweepin’ the clouds away at Buffalo Exchange – Las Vegas!

Space Disco

We’re totally over the moon for this space-inspired look from Buffalo Exchange – Philadelphia!

This is Halloween!

If you’re a fan of Tim Burton, Buffalo Exchange – Houston has the cute and creepy costumes you want!


There’s a bounty of costumes at Buffalo Exchange – Charlotte, including these rad lumberjacks!

Goth Prom 2018

RSVP for the spookiest dance of the year with fierce Goth prom looks from Buffalo Exchange – Chicago!

Buffalo Exchange Halloween Costumes Emojis Red Dancing Girl, Twin Dancing Girls, Stop Girl

Living Emojis

We don’t even have words to describe how much we love this emoji group costume from Buffalo Exchange Manhattan – Chelsea!

Buffalo Exchange Seattle U District Halloween Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Cheshire Cat White Rabbit

Alice in Wonderland 

Don’t be late for a very important date! Halloween is two weeks away, so find the most wonderful costumes for all of your friends at Buffalo Exchange Seattle – U District!

Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn Boerum Hill Halloween Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

It’s more than gossip: we’re the best place to find costumes this Halloween! You know you love us – XOXO, Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn – Boerum Hill.

Buffalo Exchange Boston Somerville Halloween Met Gala Angels and Devils

Met Gala Angels

You’ll be in costume heaven when you shop for Halloween at Buffalo Exchange Boston – Somerville! Start here for your Met Gala-inspired looks.

Buffalo Exchange San Francisco Mission District Halloween Astronaut and Alien

Astronaut and Alien

Spacing out on what to be for Halloween? Our costume stylists will help you come up with a look that’s out of this world! Photo from Buffalo Exchange San Francisco – Mission District.

Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque Halloween Wayne's World Wayne and Garth

Wayne’s World

Party time, excellent! Take an extreme close-up of these Wayne’s World costumes from Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque!

Buffalo Exchange Orange County Fullerton Halloween The Flintstones Fred Wilma Barney Betty Pebbles Dino

The Flintstones

BedROCK this Halloween with the best costumes of the century from Buffalo Exchange Fullerton!

Buffalo Exchange Austin Halloween Pirates and Princesses

Pirates and Princesses

Adventure awaits! Whether you choose to be a swashbuckling pirate or a proper princess, Buffalo Exchange Austin has the costumes to make your fantasies come true!

Buffalo Exchange Portland Downtown Halloween Costumes 101 Dalmatians Cruella De Vil

101 Dalmatians – Cruella De Vil and Perdita

We can think of 101 reasons you should shop at Buffalo Exchange Portland – Downtown for this year’s Halloween costume!

Buffalo Exchange Chelsea Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Let’s do the timewarp again at Buffalo Exchange Manhattan – Chelsea!

Buffalo Exchange Ventura Village People

Village People

It’s fun to stay at the YMCA, but it’s even more fun to shop at Buffalo Exchange! Shop for Halloween costumes for the whole band and, in this case, the Village People, at BE Ventura.

Buffalo Exchange Phoenix Halloween Costumes Prince and Apollonia

Prince and Apollonia

Find costumes fit for a PRINCE at Buffalo Exchange Phoenix!

Buffalo Exchange,Los Angeles, La Brea,Halloween Costume, Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman

Relive your famous ‘90s TV glory days with a Bojack Horseman costume from Buffalo Exchange La Brea!


Buffalo Exchange, Berkeley, Halloween Costumes, Ghostbusters


When Halloween is creeping up and you don’t have a costume, who ya gonna call? Buffalo Exchange! Our costume stylists will help you pull together a DIY look just in time. Photo from Buffalo Exchange Berkeley.

Buffalo Exchange, Eugene, Halloween Costume, The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

Don’t you forget about us… when planning your Halloween costume, that is! We’ve got everything you need to be any member of The Breakfast Club this October: a brain, a princess, an athlete, a basket case or a criminal. Sincerely yours, Buffalo Exchange! Photo from Buffalo Exchange Eugene.


Buffalo Exchange, East Village, Halloween Costume,Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens

Greetings from Grey Gardens! Channel your Big and Little Edie with vintage frocks and accessories from Buffalo Exchange Manhattan (East Village).

Buffalo Exchange San Francisco Haight St Halloween Costume Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo Mystery Inc.

Jinkies, October is already here! Find costumes for the whole gang at Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Haight Street).

Buffalo Exchange Tempe Halloween Costumes Mean Girls

Mean Girls

On Wednesdays, we wear pink, but on Halloween, you can wear whatever you want! Find the most fetch costumes at Buffalo Exchange Tempe.

Buffalo Exchange Santa Monica Gotham Halloween Costumes Batman, Batgirl and Joker

Gotham Halloween Costumes

Holy Halloween, Batman! Buffalo Exchange Santa Monica has all the costumes you need to fight crime in style. Stop by to shop your Joker, Batgirl and Batman looks!

Buffalo Exchange Tucson Space Cowgirls Halloween Costumes Metallic

Space Cowgirls

Mamas, DO let your babies grow up to be space cowgirls! We love this lunar duo from Buffalo Exchange Tucson. Put together your own version with metallic pieces, Western accessories and alien masks or makeup!

Buffalo Exchange Portland Hawthorne Wizard of Oz Halloween Costumes Scarecrow Tinman Dorothy Cowardly Lion

Wizard of Oz

For all of your Halloween costumes, follow the yellow brick road to Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne)!

Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Halloween Costumes Oompa Loomp Willy Wonka Veruca Salt VIolet Beauregarde Charlie Bucket Mike Teavee Grandpa Joe Augustus Gloop

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Welcome to the Chocolate Factory! This Halloween, Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks is your golden ticket to imagination and adventure.

Now that you mention it…we actually really enjoy coming up with costumes. Need a hand? Stop by your local Buffalo Exchange! We have Costume Stylists available throughout October to help you make all the Halloween costumes of your dreams (or nightmares) a reality – just look for an employee wearing a Costume Stylist name badge. Happy Halloween!