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Halloween DIY

By Jem Ross and Sandra Roldan, Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg

Models: James Summons, Amy Wilde, Jem Ross and Brianna Tirado

Halloween is fast approaching! In the spirit of the Buffalo Exchange DIY tradition, we’ve compiled some fun, easy and affordable costume ideas that will inspire creativity for a bangin’ Halloween party outfit.

All of these costumes were created using items at Buffalo Exchange that you can pair with accessories from your closet and some easy DIY crafting for original and personalized costumes.

Buffalo Exchange

After the success of this year’s “Man of Steel” blockbuster, we put our own fashionable take on the Clark Kent/Superman persona. The foundation piece for this costume was a suit, which we found on our racks for James. We paired it with a classic white button-up and skinny blue cord tie. For the Clark Kent to Superman alter ego reveal, you need a glimpse of the superhero suit beneath—a basic red T-shirt provided the necessary color-popping effect. We accessorized our Man of Steel with a black leather belt, fedora and classic leather boots. To complete the Clark Kent look, we had to give him a black leather briefcase, because every superhero needs to carry some sort of important crime-fighting tools.

Buffalo Exchange

For our 1920s starlet, we took our inspiration straight from the reels of this summer’s hit “The Great Gatsby” and the floral frocks of leading lady, Daisy. You can always find great vintage pieces tucked into Buffalo Exchange racks and we scored the perfect beaded dress at our Williamsburg location. To complement the flapper look we paired it with brown leather wingtip Mary Janes and a cute clutch. Can’t find an authentic 1920s cloche? Amy solved that problem by tying a ribbon (at your arts and crafts store) in a contrasting color around her head. For some extra glitz, we added an antique-inspired cuff, rhinestone necklace and giant cocktail ring. Amy is ready for a night of roaring ‘20s Prohibition-style reveling.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

Don’t put your summer favorite—the flower crown—away just yet. Get some more use out of it and score artistic points in the process with a DIY Frida Kahlo costume. Any boldly patterned vintage frock from our racks can be used to achieve Frida’s signature day look (we used a vintage two-piece ensemble). Brianna is also wearing a boldly patterned shawl in a contrasting print, oversized earrings and utilitarian leather boots. If you didn’t indulge in the flower crown trend, they are easily made with craft flowers (arts and crafts store) by twisting the stems around a wire or headband. Don’t forget an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner for her infamous brows.

Buffalo Exchange

We went for some nautical whimsy with our last DIY idea. Pastels are all the rage from lavender locks to baby-hued accessories, not to mention the undying sea-punk/mermaid trend, which leads us to this awesome Jellyfish costume. Jem is wearing a lace tank and chiffon skater skirt with pastel knee-highs and leather flats. To create the Jellyfish head, we used a clear dome umbrella and attached long pastel ribbons to the inside frame—instant tentacles!

These are just some ideas we came up with, which were quick and easily created using items found at any Buffalo Exchange (and your closet, of course). Make sure to come in and ask us for help when you create your own unique and fun Halloween costume this year. Stay spooky!