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The Goods: 40s & 50s Style

Buffalo Exchange Dallas employees Kylie Rae and Alexis.

By Buffalo Exchange Dallas

Two of our employees, Kylie Rae and Alexis, show off vintage and vintage-inspired pieces from Buffalo Exchange and their own closets.

Buffalo Exchange Dallas employee Kylie Rae wears a 1940s romper.

Kylie Rae is sporting a 1940s playsuit/romper with pale pink woven pumps. Playsuits (now called rompers) were worn commonly by women in the 1940s to outdoor events or beaches. They were usually cotton or rayon, brightly colored, or floral printed. Kylie Rae’s is a checkered pale blue and white with button details on the front. They went out of fashion in the late 1950s only to come back in the 80s and, of course, now!

Buffalo Exchange Dallas Kylie Rae wears an ASOS dress wth jazz age style pumps.

Mass production was an important aspect of post-1945 American fashion as efficiency and functionality were paramount. Therefore, dresses from this era were often solid, simple colors, and fabrics with basic stitching-patterns. They were single layered and drape-y, without much structure or complicated pieces.

She also wears a modern dress from ASOS inspired by all the staples that made the 1940’s so classic. Not to mention her red and white jazz-age pumps.

Buffalo Exchange Dallas employee Alexis wears a yellow rockabilly style dress.

Buffalo Exchange

Alexis wears a bright yellow belted rockabilly-style dress and petticoat with two-tone shoes with a bright yellow toe. The fifties brought back color and volume.

The end of the World War made fabrics and labor more available to luxuries like fashion. Women’s dresses became far more elaborate with pleats, gatherings, layers, and bold patterns.

Buffalo Exchange Dallas employee Alexis wears high waist shorts and tied blouse. Pin-up style.

She is also seen in high-waist cutoff shorts and a cropped blouse; a popular style for pin-up models of the 50s.

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