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Go Ask Kara

During the winter season Georgetown manager Kara Perry loves to mix colors and prints in her wardrobe. “I choose colors that complement each other and designs that coordinate, not clash.” During summer months she tones down her print and color mixing due to her wonderful array of tattoos.  “Too many colors and prints plus my tattoos overwhelm the eye! I think my tattoos are a fashion statement in their own right.”

Buffalo Exchange Blog (6)Kara has been with Buffalo for 7 years. Originally working at our Long Beach store, then moving over to our Philly location and now the store manager of our newest Georgetown location. She finds inspiration from the city and the people of Georgetown, “The people are inspiring and motivating. The history of the city and its buildings are breathtaking. “

Buffalo Exchange Blog (4)Kara uses her instagram to show off her wonderful style and take others on a journey through Georgetown in her eyes. “I constantly take pictures everywhere I walk (I don’t have a car). I love anything with beautiful colors and patterns from art to fashion to buildings and nature.”

We asked Kara to take us on a Georgetown journey once a month as well as showing us her chic self and she happily agreed.

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Buffalo Exchange Blog (7)  You can follow Kara’s Instagram @GoAskKara or check back monthly for Kara’s update