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By Kara (@GoAskKara), Buffalo Exchange Georgetown

Buffalo ExchangeJune went by so fast! It was a rainy month in DC, but that didn’t stop me from wearing some of my favorite new summer clothes!

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo ExchangeMost of my outfits were found at the Buffalo Exchange Georgetown location, of course.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo ExchangeOn clear, warm days I was able to explore my city and take pictures of all the interesting things I saw.

Buffalo ExchangeAt the end of June, I took a mini-vacation to Townsend, DE where my mom lives. I relaxed by a beautiful pool (cover of the Buffalo Exchange spring/summer Zine) and explored rural sprawls of farmland, cornfields and forests.

Buffalo ExchangeIt was a great escape from the crowded city, but I am happy to be home in my Georgetown element of retail and resale shopping!

Buffalo Exchange