Giving Back: Buffalo Exchange Boulder and Mother House

Buffalo Exchange Boulder Mother House Tokens for Bags Recipient

By Savannah Timpani, Buffalo Exchange HQ

As you may know, Buffalo Exchange is a bagless company. Instead of giving out plastic bags, through our Tokens for Bags program, we give customers the chance to donate 5 cents to a local non-profit every time they shop. A nickel may not seem like a lot, but it adds up. Since we started the program in 1994, we’ve raised over $704,200 for thousands of local charities. Every six months, we give new charities the chance to participate. This year, the Buffalo Exchange in Boulder, CO has paired with Mother House to support pregnant mothers in need.

A Safe Haven

For over 35 years, Mother House has been a sanctuary for pregnant women at risk. Since opening in 1982, this all-inclusive organization has served over 775 women and babies. Pregnant women can come to Mother House at any time during their pregnancy and can stay until their babies are 3 months old. Mother House is committed to protecting unborn children, providing a nurturing and loving home and encouraging women to build the confidence and skills necessary for a successful future.

Buffalo Exchange Boulder Mother House Babies and Moms


Opportunities for Mom and Baby

After a new mom’s 3 month stay, Mother House provides educational opportunities, mentoring and housing assistance.  The non-profit also offers community services to help expectant moms.  Residents work or go to school for at least 20 hours per week and pay a small amount of monthly rent. They also have curfews and chores while living at Mother House to help establish a healthy routine for mama and her future little one. Following their 3 months at the caring, homey environment of Mother House, new moms who have decided to become parents are prepared for bright futures ahead.

Buffalo Exchange Boulder Mother House Babies


Want to help? Visit Buffalo Exchange Boulder to take part in our Tokens for Bags program and show your support of Mother House, 5 cents at a time. For more information or to find out about other ways you can help, check out