Fourth of July Styling Tips!

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By Kirsten SamanichBuffalo Exchange East Village

Photography by Kirsten Samanich and Rosybeth Alvarez.

Proud to be an American stunner.

Want to put some stars back into everyone’s eyes come Fourth of July? Get your flags waving and your wallets at the ready, because we paired together a seamless mesh of pieces to rejuvenate your tired, recycled patriotic outfit ideas into something fresh. With the harmony of understated color pops, mixed metallics, and invigorating texture surprises, we promise to have you pledging allegiance to the flag of Buffalo looks this summer holiday.

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Photo by Kirsten Samanich

Make Way for Military

Of the many timeless trends this holiday presents, light-weather military-inspired jackets are a surefire way to alleviate the traditional barrage of all things red, white, and blue. Pair one with a good ol’ trusty band tee or intriguing graphic to find the sweet spot between formal and casual.

Buffalo Exchange East Village Fourth of July style 5
Photo by Kirsten Samanich

Not-so-Subtle Metallics

Now’s the time to break out the showstopper when it comes to the often-untouched corners of your closet. Pull out the all-over metallics and the crazy oversized belts. Don’t hold back from taking statement pieces to the next level by layering chunky necklaces and combining bold garments into one big outfit party!

Buffalo Exchange East Village Fourth of July style 4
Photo by Kirsten Samanich

Presidential Punk

What better way to pay homage to this all-American day than by interlacing two extremes of American history into one glorious union. Tap into your bourgeois classiness with a heavily structured bag and these vintage knee-length shorts that scream sass with their all-over sequins. Be sure to include miniature jewelry pops like hoops or this gold chain belt to modernize the look and shoot it straight from the Jackie Kennedy era into today.

Buffalo Exchange East Village Fourth of July style 1
Photo by Rosybeth Alvarez

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Coveralls

Rarely do you come across an article of clothing that has the monumental dual wow effect of simplicity and style. Coveralls are a magic trick that can transform from bare utility to high glam in the blink of an eye. Ladies, pair these beauties with a handkerchief and some bold lips for an impossibly easy fusion of high and low femme.

Buffalo Exchange East Village Fourth of July style 2
Photo by Rosybeth Alvarez and nails by Claire Beaudreault

Get Your Pretty, Pretty Princess On

Travel through the bounds of time in this hoop skirt by Vivienne Westwood that pays important tribute to both the 80s and 1800s. To really get the fireworks going, pair some stunning jewelry with patriotic nails and let freedom RING (see what I did there?).

Buffalo Exchange East Village Fourth of July style 6
Photo by Kirsten Samanich

Whatever fun plans you have for celebrating the summer holiday, we’re sure these outfit inspirations will let you be the true firework this Fourth of July!

Shop for your red, white, and blue outfit today at your local Buffalo Exchange.

Buffalo Exchange East Village employees in 4th of July clothes
Photo by Rosybeth Alvarez