For the Love of UNIF

Buffalo Exchange UNIF

By Mina Brewer, Buffalo Exchange Boston (Somerville)

My name is Mina and I’ve been a Buffalo gal for what feels like forever! I grew up shopping at the Buffalo in Tucson and now I’m a college senior working at the Somerville Buffalo Exchange in Boston. Working at Buffalo Exchange has been so fun and so challenging. The best part is, I’ve had the opportunity to really focus my personal style. Since my first day here, I’ve totally transformed.

Buffalo Exchange UNIF

Falling in Love with UNIF

I’ve discovered so much about fashion while working for Buffalo Exchange. I learn about new brands and new trends every single day.  One of my favorites is UNIF, an LA-based clothing company founded in 2010 by Eric Espinoza and Christine Low. To this day, the company is family-owned and operated (much like Buffalo Exchange) and doesn’t mass produce its merchandise. This translates to unique pieces that are always in high demand! Over the past several years, UNIF has gained a cult following, which makes it super fun to search for coveted pieces!

Buffalo Exchange UNIF

UNIF’s Unique Style

UNIF is known for its grungy-goth style of clothing and accessories. Most popular are chunky boots, leather chokers and destroyed vintage-style tees.  As styles have evolved, the brand has hopped on board with the trendiest looks – going full on goth, then athletic and now funky and colorful 90s. It’s so fascinating to see a brand’s style evolve alongside my own. As I’ve travelled the country, I’ve become obsessed with searching for UNIF at all of the Buffalo Exchanges I stop at. Finding UNIF is rare, so when I do, I snatch it up! By now, I have a dreamy collection of UNIF shoes , dresses, tops and 2-piece sets.

Buffalo Exchange UNIF somervillie

If you love UNIF or any other covetable brand, I recommend shopping your local Buffalo Exchange often. We see new pieces across the counter all day, every day, so many of our regulars stop in several times a week so that they don’t miss out. Happy shopping!