Flame Prints, Flannel and Floral: Top 90s Trends

Buffalo Exchange 90s Trends for Fall - 4 Images

By Savy Kroop, Buffalo Exchange HQ; Styling by Jessie Whitehouse; Photography by DreamKloudVisuals

This year, we’ve been reliving all our favorite 90s trends and loving it. Whether it’s classic 90s pop culture like Betty Boop (boop-oop-a-doop!), flame prints or flannel, we just can’t get enough! Buffalo Exchange employee Jessie Whitehouse feels the same way – read on for her take on the 90s.

Buffalo Exchange 90s Trends Flannel and Doc Martens

Kick Back With Your Favorite 90s Trends

When I think 90s trends, the first things that come to mind are grunge, flannels and Dr. Martens. Try pairing your Docs with a flannel for a classic look or go Drew Barrymore’s route and style them with a floral dress. Jessie gave this throwback trend a modern spin with a sweatshirt-flannel combo that’s fastened together by metal hardware. Pretty 90s punk rock if you ask me!

Buffalo Exchange 90s Trends Layers Floral Dress Rachel Green Friends

Let’s Be Friends!

Layering a strappy dress over a long-sleeve shirt is a straight-up LOOK (just ask Rachel Green from Friends) – not to mention a great way to take some of your favorite summer pieces into fall. Here, Jessie added round glasses and some dark lipstick for extra nostalgia factor. She tops it off with a fun chocolate milk bag that looks like it came straight from Gwen Stefani’s closet.

Buffalo Exchange 90s Trends Distressed Denim Jacket

Well-Dressed and Distressed

Distressed denim is one of those iconic 90s trends that has had major staying power. Pair a denim jacket with an oversized tee repping your favorite artist and a pair of bike shorts (Madonna style) to truly bring back the 90s flair. A distressed denim jacket is the perfect piece to transition into fall.

Buffalo Exchange 90s Trends Betty Boop Flame Print Cherry Earrings

Iconic Images

Flame motifs popped up EVERYWHERE in the 90s and so did everyone’s favorite cartoon sweetheart, Betty Boop. Oh and lest we forget the classic 90s cherry print, Jessie brilliantly represents it with cherry statement earrings.

In fashion, what goes around often comes back around and we’re welcoming these 90s trends back with open arms. What’s your favorite throwback trend right now? Let us know in the comments. Then, stop in to your local Buffalo Exchange to trade in your closet cleanout and shop for pieces from your favorite decade – from the 1950s to today!