Five Reasons Why Halloween Masks Are a Bad Idea

By Virginia McInnis, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

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Halloween gives us the chance to be anyone or anything for a night! Share your creativity with friends and party-goers rather than dying all-night in a mask. Need more convincing why masks are a bad idea for Halloween, let us share with you:

1. Safety first.

  • Masks are usually a one-size fits all deal (I will have you know, that is a lie). Those eye holes will shift and obstruct your view throughout the night. You’re trying to have a GREAT time, one messy fall and Halloween 2013 could be ruined. Did we mention it’s like a hotbox under a mask? You’re essentially suffocating yourself.

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2. The gross out factor.

  • It is bad enough to get hair in your face (long hair, don’t care!), imagine having to wear an ill-fitting mask all-night and possibly into the wee hours of the morning. It just screams uncomfortable. Depending where your Halloween festivities are, it can be as equally sweaty under that mask. Also, you’re breathing HOT breath all-night. Even though it’s your breath that’s still disgusting.

3. Creep alert!

  • How is a mask creepy? No one knows who you are or what you’re staring at. Say you get lost or separated from your friends and another Halloween-goer is wearing the SAME mask (because you already knew when you purchased that Scream mask that 15 other people did, too) tags along with your friends. NO GOOD!

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4. Halloween shouldn’t be hard work.

  • Between the battle of taking a mask off (sweat, doesn’t fit right, etc.) to the occasional face itch, it just seems like way to much work on Halloween. You should be having an awesome, carefree time. PARTY, PARTY FUN TIME!

5. It’s not the most original idea.

  • Really, it’s just kind of lazy (it’s a cop-out). There are so many awesome DIY costume projects out there that are a great low-cost alternative to the cliché Halloween mask.

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This Halloween try not being the person behind the mask. Check back for Halloween inspiration throughout the month—mask free!



Shamelessly obsessed with In-N-Out Burger, Virginia is the Copywriter & Content Coordinator for Buffalo Exchange. Besides food, her favorite things are discovering new music and watching movie trailers.

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