Finding a Job in Fashion: Meet Buffalo Exchange Buyer Alyx

Buffalo Exchange Hollywood Employee Style 80s Denim Sneakers Ripped Vintage Jeans Souvenir Bomber Jacket

By Buffalo Exchange Hollywood

Looking to find a job in fashion? We sat down with Buffalo Exchange Hollywood Buyer Alyx to find out what she loves about working for Buffalo Exchange and where she gets her style inspiration. She had dreamed of working for the company since high school and now takes daily inspiration from the amazing variety of clothing she gets to see in the store. Perhaps it’s this variety that makes her personal style so diverse!

Buffalo Exchange Hollywood Employee Buyer Thrasher

How would you describe your personal fashion?

Very versatile. I don’t really stick to one particular look. One day I can be very street, the next a little grunge and the next a bit 90s. I definitely like to play around with my style and take fashion risks.

What inspires your style?

Fashion blogs on Tumblr, celebrities and even from the music I get ready to in the morning.

What are your hobbies?

Looking online for fashion trends, shopping at flea markets and designing looks in Illustrator and Photoshop. You can often find me relaxing at the beach on my days off or documenting my fashion on Instagram. Follow ya girl @alyxandrapeyton!

Where do you shop?

I shop at stores like Topshop and Nordstrom. I also enjoy thrift shops and online shops that I come across on social media.

What’s your favorite Buffalo Exchange find?

A pair of painted Levi’s by artist Warren Lotas, who hand-paints on Levi’s, leather jackets, sneakers and hoodies. I was so amazed by them that I had to find a way to work them into my wardrobe. They’re a masterpiece, so I even thought about hanging them on my wall!

Buffalo Exchange Hollywood Employee Style 80s Denim Sneakers

What’s your favorite accessory?

Definitely a pair of hoop earrings. I wear them almost every day. A pair of hoops can complete an outfit or dress up a super casual look.

What inspired you to look for a job in fashion? Why Buffalo Exchange?

Ever since I was 15 or 16, I loved shopping at Buffalo Exchange with my mom. I always wanted to find a job in fashion and would think to myself how cool it would be to work at Buffalo!

What do you love most about being a Buyer?

Just seeing so many amazing pieces of clothing. I get so inspired when I come across that vintage Moschino or one-of-a-kind garment that I wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to see.

Buffalo Exchange Hollywood Employee Style Souvenir Bomber Jacket

If you’re like Alyx and you want a job where you can put your love of fashion to the test and be yourself, join the herd! Apply in-store or online. Buffalo Exchange is always taking applications for fashion-oriented individuals who love working with people.