Make Your Own Style: Meet Model Michael Galloway

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By Jessica Pruitt, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Michael Galloway is a full-time student and model from Atlanta, Georgia who loves shopping at Buffalo Exchange Atlanta. His favorite part? Scoring his favorite brands for a fraction of the price. We sat down with him to talk about resale shopping tips and how to find your style!

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When did you start shopping at Buffalo Exchange?

When I saw one of my best friends getting all these fabulous clothes. After she told me where they were from and how great the prices were, I had to go!

What do you love most about shopping at Buffalo Exchange?

Being a full-time student really limits how much money you can spend on new designer clothes. I love shopping resale – especially at Buffalo Exchange – because you can find all your favorite brands that would cost you hundreds of dollars at the mall for less than half the price.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style consists mainly of black, white and nude. I prefer very minimal color and like to use the colors I do wear as statement pieces. I love to combine modern and vintage styles together to create my own look.

Buffalo Exchange Charlotte

How did you find your style?

My personal style mostly comes from various fashion bloggers and models on social media.

What are you looking to add to your wardrobe for spring?

At the moment, a pair of cherry red Doc Martens.

What’s your best Buffalo find?

A pair of white ripped jeans from the brand Express. I had been eyeing them in the mall, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend $70 on them. When I saw them at Buffalo Exchange for less than $20, my jaw dropped with excitement and I had to buy them.

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Do you have any tips for shopping resale?

When I go to Buffalo Exchange, I tend to have a color scheme that I’m aiming for as well as an open mind when it comes to different styles. My advice for other resale shoppers is to be open to whatever you might find rather than looking for a specific item. That’s when you skip over all the good stuff!

What style advice do you have for others?

Find different fashion bloggers and models you like on social media and then look in stores for similar items. Take inspiration from everywhere and put it together to make your own style.

Want to make like Michael and create your own unique style for way less than you’d spend at the mall? Stop by your local Buffalo Exchange! Our talented Buyers will help you find everything you never knew you needed. In the meantime, follow Michael on Instagram for daily inspiration.