Festival Nation: Festival Style from Burning Man and Beyond

Buffalo Exchange San Francisco Festival

By Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Haight St)

When you think festival fashion, you probably think high-waisted denim shorts, Western boots, flowy crochet blouses and large sunglasses. However, there are many different festivals, attracting a wide variety of demographics and fashion trends. From Burning Man to Coachella to Sasquatch, we explore festival fashion across the nation!

Classic Festival Style

Some of the more classic festivals include Coachella, Lollapalooza and, for those traveling abroad, Glastonbury. At these festivals, you expect to see celebrities making appearances in the latest summer trends. Unlike other festivals, Glastonbury is known for being muddy, so Wellington boots are a must!  Festivals in warmer, dryer climates lean towards a blend of Western and bohemian styles. Lacey tanks and crochet blouses are accented by fringey purses, embroidered vests, statement necklaces, bold sunglasses and hats.

Buffalo Exchange San Francisco Coachella style


In stark contrast are electronic, dance and performance-based festivals such as EDC, Ultra and Electric Zoo. To match the colorful, lively atmosphere, attendees sport bright colors, metallic, rainbow and neon, pairing tutus, sparkly bikini bottoms or artful shorts with imaginative body suits and hand-decorated bralettes. Colored wigs, decorative headpieces, leg warmers, fishnets, fanny packs and fuzzy vests accentuate these looks!

Buffalo Exchange San Francisco EDM festival style

Burning Man

Then we have the Burning Man crowd, going for eccentric costumes in Renaissance, Gothic or Steampunk styles. Burners often pair futuristic bodysuits and hooded onesies in various patterns and textures with chunky platform boots and funky goggles. Statement jackets for the nighttime chill range from fluffy, blanket-like shawls to oversized faux furs.

Buffalo Exchange San Francisco Burning Man style

Into the Woods

Lastly, there’s the earthier, lower-key crowd at festivals like Lightning in a Bottle, Electric Forest and Sasquatch. For these free-spirited, nature-centered events, flowy clothing and natural fibers play a central role. Think peasant blouses, beaded tops and psychedelic tees matched with patchwork harem pants and stretchy floral or paisley bell bottoms. Tie-dye in all forms is encouraged! These music fans adorn their outfits with bandanas, utility belts and whimsical jewelry – especially crystals and beads.

Buffalo Exchange San Francisco Into the Woods style

What’s your festival of choice? Comment below! Then, whether you’re looking for something classic and breezy or something a little more Burning Man, stop by your local Buffalo Exchange. We love festival season and always have plenty of unique styles in stock. See you soon, festival-goers!