Fashions Night Out: East Village

East Village StyleBuffalo Exchange in East Village decided to celebrate this year’s Fashion’s Night Out by helping our customers get decked out, DIY-style!  They set up a studding station outside of their store, offering customers a variety of shapes, sizes and colors of metallic studs to add a little bling to something they had just purchased, or something they were already wearing.   Wait, colors? YES! They spray painted studs to offer a little remix on the classic trend; Cobalt Blue, Mopey Mauve, Neon Green and the buzz color of Fall 2012: OXBLOOD!  The addition of color to pyramid and dome studs was super cool.  Some customers came with an idea of what they wanted, like a cross-shaped pattern of studs on a back pocket or a few tiny studs in the corner of a collar. 

East Village StyleOthers were open to any suggestions our team of studding experts had.  Many customers who had seen cool pieces with heavy studding were amazed at the level of skill required to make items they had seen in shops like Trash & Vaudeville, or Bess, where the studs are perfectly aligned and plentiful.  Just poking a few through fabrics like denim and cotton seemed easy enough, but the idea of studding the whole flap of a leather bag was mind-blowing!  We sent our freshly blinged-out customers on their way into the rest of Fashion’s Night Out festivities, a little bit punkier than they began.

East Village StyleEast Village StyleEast Village StyleEast Village StyleEast Village StyleEast Village Style