Fashion Icon Game Night

Buffalo Exchange Fashion Icon Game Night Iris Apfel Marie Antoinette Andy Warhol Paris Hilton Costume

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Like any other company, Buffalo Exchange has its share of meetings. But ours are actually fun. Not only do we dedicate an entire evening to game play, we can’t help but throw a dress-up element into the mix!  For our most recent game night, the dress-up theme was “fashion icon,” and attendees took that cue in many colorful directions. The past and present worlds of the fashion, film and music collided for one evening of fun that was not to be missed.

Buffalo Exchange Fashion Icon Costumes Game Night

Fashion Icon Dress-Up

Popular costumes included Iris Apfel of Advanced Style fame, Marie Antoinette, Twiggy, Andy Warhol and Bjork in her famous swan dress. Several attendees ended up twinning as these popular fashion icons! We were also excited to see musical guests such as Dolly Parton, David Bowie and Run-D.M.C., complete with blasting boom box. The winner for the evening was Jane Fonda from Barbarella.

Buffalo Exchange Fashion Icon Costumes Run DMC Jane Fonda Barbarella

The Game: Becoming a Fashion Icon

The creativity of the costumes was surpassed only by the creativity on display in the game itself. Participants were broken up into different fictional fashion houses, each with their own distinct style. There was everything from punk, glam and goth to western, street and futuristic. The houses made huge Pinterest-style customer boards, created their own brand logos, designed exotic showrooms and even tailored runway-ready outfits! For the final Project Runway-style challenge, each team had to create a signature look out of a black T-shirt dress.

Buffalo Exchange Fashion Icon Game

Buffalo Exchange Fashion Icon Game Project Runway Challenge

Having Fun, Working Hard

A core part of Buffalo’s philosophy is that a job should be fun. Employees are encouraged to turn their work into play. Having a good time at our stores translates to fun shopping experiences for our customers – and in a world of rapidly-changing fashion, that’s something that never goes out of style.

Want to have this much fun at your job? Join the herd! We’re always looking for hard-working individuals with the Buffalo spirit.