Fashion Dreams Come True: Meet Buffalo Exchange Buyer Aarian

Words by Aarian Frye, Photos by Emelie Wisnieski and Dominique Maciulla, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Buffalo Exchange Tucson Buyer Aarian talks about working at Buffalo and how the job has helped her fashion dreams come true! From normcore to modern funk, her style is as vibrant as she is.

How long have you been with Buffalo?

Buffalo Exchange Fashion Dreams Come True Tucson

My anniversary is in March, so that’ll be two amazing years I’ve been with The Herd.

How has your style evolved in that time?

When I first started, everyone (myself included) was still riding the wave of normcore. Lots of neutrals with preppy staples like tennis skirts and button-up blouses. My style now – let’s call it contemporary funk – has always been there, but working at Buffalo has brought it out. I always had a strong visual of the way I wanted to dress, but before I started as a buyer, it wasn’t fully realized.

Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Where do you draw fashion inspiration from?

Paint swatches and films. In The Wiz, there’s a great scene in which Dorothy and the gang arrive in Emerald City and the townspeople are dancing in this discotheque where the mood is determined by the color of the neon lights. That’s very much how I shop. Everything I’ve bought in the past month has been saffron, goldenrod or classic cadmium yellow.

Buffalo Exchange Tucson Fashion

What are your top five closet essentials?

A well-fitted black leather (or faux!) moto jacket, high-waisted blue jeans, white sneakers, a midi pencil skirt and my Scorpio symbol necklace (technically not in my closet, but it’s essential!).

Buffalo Exchange Tucson Fashion Dreams Come True


Do you have any fashion predictions for 2017?

Based on what I’ve heard our customers searching for in the store and even what I’ve seen a at the buy counter, I predict daytime metallics in a major way. What can I say? I love the lamé!

Buffalo Exchange Tucson Fashion Dreams

Want to make your own fashion dreams come true? Buffalo Exchange is a great place to do it and we’re always looking for hard-working individuals who love fashion as much as they love working with people. Stop into your local Buffalo Exchange to fill out an application or apply online!