Fashion Apocalypse

Since the world may end today, it’s time to admit our fashion faults. We all have those moments where we look back at old photos and make an “Oh dear…” face in astonishment at our stylish selves. We pat ourselves on the back with congratulations to the clothing we now own, only to have that “Oh dear… ” face later down the road at today’s outfit. So while we’re living in the moment, let pay homage to our past fashion apocalypse.

Buffalo Exchange Washington DC manager Kara, takes us into her past with her top fashion apocalypses

Buffalo Exchange Blog“The first was my vintage/goth phase in 1996- it was my homecoming dance and I wore a satin asian inspired print skirt and too much make up! The cardigan was thrifted- I was always a thriftier!”

Buffalo Exchange Blog“The next is my 10th grade formal- vintage dress from the 60s, total mod look! I could never pull that look off now, too severe for me!”

Buffalo Exchange Blog“Next is from 12th grade trip to TN with my sister- I was in a total “hardcore music” phase. I only wore huge band tee shirts and cargo pants/shorts and sneakers or ADIDAS sandals and carried a canvas tote bag everywhere thatsaid “Good” and “Evil” on the front and back, and I always had my hair a weird shade of red/pink with baby doll bangs… I don’t even know what I was thinking.”

Buffalo Exchange Blog“The last one is a current picture of me in an outfit I love- Madewell and J.Crew, always my favorite especially when I can find them at Buff Ex!”

Buffalo Exchange Tucson employee, Stephanie takes us way back to some Lisa Frank day’s. (Yep, Urban Outfitters, this is a true OG)

Buffalo Exchange Blog“I’m not 100% sure I would call this my worst fashion moment, but it was definitely a turning point for me. Lets just say that I may be tempted to wear this outfit today as I believe it’s trending again.”

Buffalo Exchange Blog“(On the right) Honestly, I’m not exactly sure what happened here. But come one, how can you go wrong with floral jeans, cow boy boots and teddy bear tee?”

Buffalo Exchange Blog“I mean I really wish I could say it got better in high school, but I was really into DIY and leg warmers…. Oh did you notice the 80’s metallic pumps?”

Buffalo Exchange Blog“And here I am today. After 6 years at the Buffalo Exchange University of Fashion, I feel as though I have gained color, pattern and chic knowledge that will forever be with me. I’d like to thank my professors, specifically all those hip guys and gals that shop and or work for Buffalo. 🙂 “

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  1. OMG! I am totslly going to do this too! When I go home for Christmas, I am totally raiding my parents photo albums!

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