Shopping for Fall Outfits on a Budget: How I Updated My Wardrobe for Less Than $100

Buffalo Exchange, HQ, Fall Outfits, Collage

By Aarian Frye, Buffalo Exchange HQ

First things first, I must confess that I love to shop. If you’re reading this blog, I’m willing to wager that you do, too. However, none of us likes spending hundreds of dollars on a wardrobe update, so that’s why I’m here – to guide you through updating your wardrobe for under $100! This past weekend, I went to Buffalo Exchange Tucson in search of a few versatile pieces to liven up my closet for the last weeks of summer. I also wanted to make sure I could incorporate these into my fall outfits when the weather gets cool. Read on to see what I found!

Fringe Benefits

Buffalo Exchange, HQ, Fall Outfits, Paisley Two PieceBuffalo Exchange, HQ, Fall Outfits, Fringe Bag

There’s nothing I love more than a coordinating set! I found a great deal on this two-piece. This set is breezy for summer, but I know it’ll look great with a cardigan and boots when the weather cools down. Because I came in under my budget for this item, I took the plunge and bought a saddle bag with colorful suede fringe as well. This is going to add some serious flair to all of my fall outfits!

Smells Like Team Spirit

Buffalo Exchange, HQ, Fall Outfits, Striped Skirt

Sometimes, my style is ‘I slept through my alarm and all I have time for is a T-shirt’!  If you know the feeling, I suggest tucking a vintage university tee into a high-waist skirt. Finish the look with statement earrings and your favorite pair of sneakers and you’re all set to take on the day! You’ll be comfy, adorable and, most importantly, on time. This can easily turn into the most adorable of fall outfits with a cardigan, jean jacket or beanie.

Fall Outfits That Pop!

Buffalo Exchange, HQ, Fall Outfits, Pink Jumpsuit

Onto the next, I found this bubblegum pink boiler suit. As I mentioned, I love coordination, so a monochrome one-piece is the next logical step! For summer, this is great with multicolored pompom sandals, but when it comes to putting together fall outfits, I’ll probably wear it with Doc Martens and a jean jacket.

In Love with Linen

Buffalo Exchange, HQ, Fall Outfits, Linen Dress

I’m a sucker for a great linen dress, so this modernized cut stole my heart! The breathable material and knee-length slits are perfect for summer in Arizona. If you’re shopping on a budget but want to up your accessory game, I suggest investing in a silk of satin scarf – you can tie it around your neck like I did here, wrap it around your hair tie for a glamorized ponytail or fix it to the strap of your favorite bag. I know this look will also become one of my go-to fall outfits by simply layering a long-sleeve blouse under the dress and pairing it with boots instead of sandals.

It’s time for the grand total: drumroll, please! For all 7 items, my total came out to $97 and the most expensive was only $18. The only way this deal could get sweeter is if I used trade – which I actually had handy from a closet cleanout earlier this summer. Now, you know that Buffalo Exchange is THE PLACE to update your look for summer, fall and every season in between. Head to your local Buffalo Exchange to embark on your own treasure hunt for fall outfits on a budget!