Exploring Your Originality: Vintage Style with Lauren

Buffalo Exchange Perry Customer Vintage Style

By Buffalo Exchange Phoenix

Buffalo Exchange Phoenix sits down with longtime Buffalo Exchange customer Lauren to talk about her vintage style and how she keeps her wardrobe fresh. Her best style advice? “Be YOU!”

How would you describe your personal style?

Buffalo Exchange customer Phoenix

I draw a lot from 1930s and 1940s vintage. I also love the 50s Traci Lords “bad girl” feel, so I’m always on the lookout for tight, black clothing that leans more towards Victorian Gothic.

What inspires you?

Old movies – I was raised on them. I love the bold yet classic fashion choices that are always going to be gorgeous!

When did you start shopping at Buffalo Exchange?

My early 20s, so at least a decade.

What’s your favorite part about Buffalo Exchange?

I really enjoy the atmosphere; the people that work at Buffalo are super nice and helpful. Since I’ve been shopping here for so long, it’s more like stopping in a friend’s work and chatting for a bit. Plus, the employees are honest if I’m reaching a little too far when I try something on.

Buffalo Exchange Vintage Retro customer Phoenix

Do you have any style advice? Things you’ve learned?

Be YOU! Embrace your own style and evolve as you become more confident. When it comes to fashion, especially for women, it’s not how little you wear that makes you sexy but how confident you are in being yourself and exploring your originality.

How do you keep your style interesting and fresh?

Lots of shopping! My wardrobe is ever changing and growing and I’m always exploring different textures and colors. I try to buy clothing that is different from what I already own rather than just always getting the same things.

What’s been your favorite find from Buffalo Exchange?

Tough question! I’d have to say it’s a vintage three-piece white ribbon suit from the 60s. Each piece is completely hand-done with individual ribbons sewn that completely cover the skirt, top and coat for a swirling effect. To top it off, the coat has a mink collar! It’s a gorgeous piece that I’ve worn many times. I even had a photoshoot published in which I was wearing it.

Buffalo Exchange Customer Style Phoenix

Any trends you are currently obsessed with?

Can’t get enough of the mixture of Victorian and Marie Antoinette French-style dresses and shoes! Lucite heels from the 50s paired with chiffon ruffles, gold lame silks and tilt-hats get me every time.

Lusting after some similarly delicious finds? Making your vintage style dreams come true is a simple as visiting your local Buffalo Exchange! No matter which era piques your interest, we’ve got you covered with unique finds from the 40s to the 90s and beyond.