The Today Show Style Online featured Buffalo Exchange

The Today Show Style Online featured Buffalo Exchange in “The savvy girl’s guide to shopping for (and selling!) vintage clothes” on April 23, 2015: “…We’ve rounded up tips from the experts who know second hand … well, firsthand. … ‘Many customers sell to us over the weekend, so Monday might be the closest I’d come to suggesting a single day,’ says Justin Goellner, a store manager at Buffalo Exchange. … That said, there’s typically no time limit when it comes to unique pieces that stand out. ‘[When it comes to] a unique, embroidered vintage wool peacoat or a holographic, oversized Marc by Marc [Jacobs] down puffer, someone would snatch it up in a second even if it was July,’ says Goellner. Selling for your guy? Goellner says these rules need not apply. “Guys buy shorts in December, guys buy vintage leather trench coats in July. If it’s cool and great quality, guys will buy it regardless of season,” he says. … Last, but certainly not least, get to know your local second-hand stores and employees. “When you go to any store frequently and the employees know you, they can look out for you a little more than a one-time shopper. So if you stop by Buffalo Exchange every Monday looking for DVF dresses, and two employees know you and know your tastes, they might see one and put it on hold for you,” says Goellner.…”