Everyday Charity: Giving Back by Shopping

Buffalo Exchange Charity

By Amelia Gotobed, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Here at Buffalo Exchange, we believe that giving back should be part of your daily routine. Besides helping cut down on clothing waste in general, we’ve brought that philosophy into our stores by eliminating plastic bags and offering our customers the opportunity to donate 5 cents in place of a bag to a local non-profit instead. Doing your good deed for the day has never been so easy!

We care about having a positive impact on the communities we operate in and empowering our customers to make a difference right in their own backyard. In New York, customers are helping to support the Lower East Side Ecology Center every day, just by shopping with us!

Buffalo Exchange Charity Lower East Side Ecology Center

The Lower East Side Ecology Center (LESEC) has been around since 1987 and provided the communities of New York City with recycling services before the state did. As times have changed, so has LESEC. Now, they have expanded to offer composting services and e-waste recycling services.

Another of the organization’s main directives is to foster stewardship in the community by empowering locals to care for native plants and wildlife. This helps to keep the urban environment green and resilient. The stewardship programs also include a community garden and cleanups at East River Park, where they remove invasive plants and re-plant native species for habitat creation.

Buffalo Exchange Charity New York

There are many simple ways consumers can cut down on their environmental impact, from little things like not using a bag to donating to organizations like LESEC. Ready to reduce your environmental impact? LESEC counts the ways!

1) Reduce E-waste

  • Use your electronic devices for as long as you can. Fix and refurbish when possible.
  • If you are getting rid of electronics that no longer work, check out LESEC’s programs for recycling e-waste

Buffalo Exchange New York Recycling

2) Start Composting

Buffalo Exchange Lower East Side Ecology Center Composting

3) Become a Steward of the Environment

  • Take ownership of your local community and grow it for the better!
  • LESEC offers various volunteer opportunities, from cleaning up trash in parks to helping keep water clean. They also run a community garden, which is a great way to get involved and keep nature present even in urban areas. Check out more of their stewardship programs here.

Buffalo Exchange New York LESEC Charity

LESEC is a leader in the sustainable lifestyle movement and Buffalo Exchange is proud to support them. While the Lower East Side Ecology Center is specific to New York, there are many similar initiatives across the country. We can all take a page out of their book and become stewards within our own communities! Find out which organizations your local Buffalo Exchange currently supports. Then, do your good deed… get out there and shop!