Eco-friendly Fashionista

By Gneiss Hobbs and Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

She’s an environmental scientist, but she’s also a clothing connoisseur. Find out how the two go hand in hand and meet the woman behind the eco-friendly fashion/beauty/lifestyle website Sustainable Daisy.

Buffalo Exchange Eco Friendly Fashionista

Buffalo Exchange Eco Fashion Sustainable Daisy

Hi I’m Karen, founder of Sustainable Daisy!

I love nature and healing the environment is my passion! I work as an environmental scientist for the Environmental Protection Agency and I do my best to live sustainably.

Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have to compromise what you enjoy in life. You can be stylish without participating in the consumeristic world of fast-fashion and beauty. I aim to change people’s mindset and  emphasize that things do not lose value just because they’re secondhand.

Buffalo Exchange Eco Friendly shopping blog

If you’re interested in transitioning to a sustainable wardrobe, I recommend shopping at Buffalo Exchange. Since a lot of pieces are funky and fun and they have such a wide variety,  it’s easy to walk out with something cute. Buffalo Exchange makes secondhand shopping easy because, unlike a thrift store, everything’s already been examined for condition and style by knowledgeable buyers before it hits the rack.

Buffalo Exchange and Eco Friendly blogger Sustainable Daisy

Sustainable fashion becomes a true hobby if you take the secondhand route because it requires you to rise out of your comfort zone and get in touch with your creative side. I think it’s so, so fun and I encourage you all to try it out!

For inspiration, visit my website and follow me on Instagram and Twitter! Then, head down to your local Buffalo Exchange and let the eco-friendly fashion hunt begin!