Easy Halloween Costumes That Make a Statement

Buffalo Exchange Berkeley Easy Halloween Costumes

Photos By Buffalo Exchange Berkeley

Halloween should be fun, first and foremost, so don’t stress out too much about finding something to wear! There’s a costume out there for everyone, from complicated cosplay to simple signature looks. Here are some easy Halloween costume ideas brought to you by Buffalo Exchange Berkeley. The best part about these is that you can dress them up as much as you want, depending on your Halloween style!

Where’s Waldo              

Buffalo Exchange Where's Waldo Costume


Waldo’s iconic striped shirt, hat and blue jeans will be recognizable to almost everyone – if they can find you! To get even wilder, gather a large group of Waldos together for a real-life Where’s Waldo – be sure to get pictures of all of you doing silly things just like in the books! This is an easy Halloween costume that will cost you almost nothing.

We Come in Peace

Buffalo Exchange Alien Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes that give you and outlet to be creative are even better – so why not be an alien? No one can say what works or doesn’t when it comes to the extraterrestrial, so play around with textures and colors. Add a mask or a helmet and you’re a bonafide robot alien hybrid! We recommend sparkly, metallic, bright accessories because, if aliens are real, they’re definitely down to disco.


Buffalo Exchange 1920s Halloween Costume

Effortless and elegant? Say no more! Try out an easy Halloween costume that still makes you the most glamorous  person in the room – a flapper! Decade looks are always a Halloween hit and 1920s flappers are no exception. All you need is a dress that you feel great in (velvet or fringe work well), some pearls and a headband. There are no limits to how detailed you can get with a costume like this – add gloves, feathers, sequin bags and makeup or keep it simple. Either way, you’ll look good and have a great Halloween!

Keep it Creepy

Buffalo Exchange Creepy Halloween Costume

You don’t even need a name for this ghostly costume! Just doll up in your favorite vintage  and then add a creepy spin. Any vintage dress can be transformed into an easy Halloween costume by playing up your ghoulish features with makeup or even adding blood and other disfigurements. With some black sheer fabric, you can even make a veil to hide behind when the world of the living becomes too much for you. Be sure to not just look creepy but to also act creepy when you’re out and about in this look!

Easy Ice-King

Buffalo Exchange Ice King Halloween Costume

It’s not cheating to just get the coolest mask ever! Find an Ice King mask or any other character you like (we have tons at your local Buffalo Exchange) and you are all set for Halloween. You can pick out an outfit to match the mask or wear your everyday clothing for a look that is totally vogue.

Halloween is a great time to get the creative juices flowing or to just have fun as someone else! There’s no need to stress when you have easy Halloween costume ideas like this, so stop on by your local Buffalo Exchange today. We have Costume Stylists standing by to help you get fright-night ready!